Looking for a Plumber? Here are some tips!



There are five essential things you need to consider before hiring the services of a plumber. This article will help you give you an insight on these essential things. After going through this article you’ll know how to ensure that your chosen technician is licensed, gives you a correct quote and thus providing value to you, has lots of experience, responds to your queries quickly, and gives you a fair estimate or offers free services.

5 Essential things you need to watch out for while hiring the services of a plumber


  1. Is the plumber insured and licensed?

This may seem obvious to many. However, there are many plumbers in Bangalore and elsewhere in India that is neither insured nor licensed. More often than not, we see individuals picking up the nuances of plumbing and start attending to requirements without ever feeling the need to have a license. As a customer, you need to be aware of these technicians. An accredited agency will do a good job in doing all the background checks and testing before issuing the license.

Insurance is another important aspect you need to look into while hiring the services of a plumber. In the case of accidents, customers need to be protected. Just in case something goes wrong, the plumber’s insurance company must be able to cover up for the damages caused by a mishap or an accident. On the other side, if your chosen plumber is not insured, then you may need to bear all the costs if something wrong happens at the site. Thankfully, there are many ways of finding out whether your chosen technician is insured and licensed. You can either ask for the license or insurance copy directly with the plumber or contact the accredited body.


  1. Is he experienced?

One of the important criteria for selecting a right plumber is his experience in the field. When it comes to the ability to find the problem and fixing it, there is never a substitute for experience. As a tip to finding the right plumber, you can call up the person and share your problems and then measure his response. Here, you’re not necessarily trying to fix the problem through the phone but are trying to find out whether the plumber has dealt with such an issue before or not. An experienced plumber will always give you an honest answer. Always watch out for the technicians when they start giving generic answers or phrases that do not relate to your problems.


  1. Is he quoting a fair price?

One of the most sensitive subjects we get to deal with these days is the price. After all, these are the days when just about everyone is on the lookout for the cheapest TV, cheapest appliance, cheapest car, and so on. However, when it comes to plumbing, not many people think in that way. But the truth is that you need to consider the price factor while choosing your plumber. Sometimes it might not be the best choice to go in with a cheap plumber. On the other hand, an expensive plumber may help you save thousands of rupees through his brilliant work!

This is why you need to look at your plumber as a consultant. Try to get an idea from him about the time needed to fix your issue and the amount he is going to charge you with. Find out whether the plumber is asking you the right questions, is being helpful on the phone. Remember, it is often better to pay a talented and experienced plumber a bit more than usual to get the work done efficiently and neatly as opposed to the work done in a rush manner by a cheap service provider. Therefore, you need to check whether the plumber you have zeroed in on can provide value to you or not. As a tip, I suggest never ask for the pricing up front. Instead, try engaging the technician and see whether the professional has value to provide to you or not. Sometimes, it is worth paying the helper a bit more than usual, especially if you are sure of getting the work done amicably and with quick turnaround.


  1. Is he responding quickly to your queries?

Having a quick response time is extremely important for plumbers and the companies that employ them. Just imagine if you were to raise a complaint and get a response from the technician after 5 days! Plumbing is considered as an ‘emergency’ service. If the problem is not resolved quickly, there are chances that your house may get flooded within say 4 hours. In addition to losing money on this, you may have to shell out more in the restoration works later on. Ideally, your plumber needs to be able to respond to your calls within 4-5 hours if not within an hour. Remember, a responsible and honest service provider will have a system in place that can address the needs of callers quickly, even when the demand is high. It is better you talk to the concerned personnel directly, instead of a third-party in this regard.


  1. Does he provide a free service or a free estimate?

The debate has always been there whether plumbers need to charge a small fee or provide a free estimate for the services they provide. However, you need to know that there are many experienced plumbers out there that provide a free estimate to their customers. If you confront a situation where the plumber you get in touch with sounds experienced, responsible, and willing to address your concerns in the quickest possible way, then you need to hire him even if he does not provide a free estimate. If you, by any chance, stumble upon a plumber that is willing to provide a free estimate that you have been looking for then, by all means, give him a chance. Remember, whether the plumber provides a free estimate to you will not be a lone deciding factor while selecting the services from the professional.